Guitar Talk # 04: Russell Malone’s Triple Play

Russell Malone is one of my favorite guitarists of all time. I discovered him through earlier Diana Krall albums and Benny Green’s “Bluebird “album (2004). But he also worked with legends like Jimmy Smith, Ron Carter, Marsalis brothers.

His first trio recording was “Triple Play” album (2010). In the booklet of the CD, he says he stayed away from recording as a trio for some time because he hadn’t felt ready yet. That, to me, has been such an inspiring bit. He is an experienced, brilliant musician yet he didn’t just go into the studio and come up with something. He waited for the right moment, out of respect to what he does. Such humbleness from a musician at his level is wonderful.

On the other hand, though, if that’s the standard to be recognized and it sets the boundaries, what chance do the rest of us, who have never worked with the likes of Ron Carter, have in a musical universe, for crying out loud? 

Just kidding.
Do what you love, give it your best shot. What else is there?

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