My Home Recording Hell, Intro

Hi fellow musicians,

It had been a while since I did my last recording and mixing; years to be correct. One forgets a lot during that time, although some chops tend to show up when you least expect them, as well. I’ve never stayed away music completely while I was busy with other creative projects but I didn’t record anything except for short videos for Instagram and Facebook. The longer I took the scarier it got. In the beginning of 2018, finally, I decided to go for it again but sudden, unexpected and sad incidents that occurred set me back for a few months more.

After a bumpy start and some over due annoyances I’ve begun to re-discover my way around the knobs and faders. In fear of forgetting some info and having to re-invent the wheel in the near future I’ve started taking notes constantly. Then about a week ago I said to myself “hey this is simple but useful information, why not share it with others on a blog, vlog, etc.?” That’s exactly what I intend to do, share files from My Home Recording Hell.

If you already know this stuff, skip it, but if you happen to find an idea that you can benefit from, grab it.

Mix on, friends.


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