Guitar Talk # 07: Coffee and Guitar

Years and years ago in a Galaxy far away… I used to work at a café. I liked coffee but I wasn’t that big of a fan to be honest. But then, smelling that freshly brewed “magic juice” every single morning did something to me and I found myself infatuated beyond belief.

Maybe I am exaggerating a bit but you get the point. Too much of everything can be harmful but I’ve never felt anything bad as long as I’ve kept it at a cup or two a day.

Playing guitar is a physical thing, though. Sometimes you are just too mellow, too sleepy, especially in the morning you just can’t get your body happening. That’s where coffee comes in for many people.

I practice guitar in the morning, before leaving home, for about an hour. I’m also into intermittent fasting, meaning I eat my first meal of the day at around 11 p.m. So, what that means is I don’t eat breakfast, just drink a cup of black coffee. It’s become a nice ritual. Coffee wakes me up and guitar playing gets me energized and inspired, especially if my fingers are in good shape and I come up with cool motifs and melodies.

I also play in the evenings. If I happen to have had more than 2 cups of coffee during the day and I’m drinking my 3rd one while I’m playing, my fingers get somewhat fidgety and stiff at the same time; very difficult to control. It’s a cumbersome situation sometimes, because I may have had an idea in my head during the day when I didn’t have my guitar with me and now I do have it but I just can’t transfer the idea through my fingers.

Coffee is cool, though.
Take care.

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